Four (Tracks​!​)

by The Wee Turtles

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Here are some of the 4-track demos from the Four album . All tracks were recorded on a Yamaha MT100II 4-Track tape machine with a little 5 dollar, fantastically crappy, silver microphone.

These are Lo -Fi. These are of questionable tuning. The performance could be called barely amateur, or MUCH worst! However, a moment was captured. Some had to be done quick as possible as to not tick off neighbors. Some were done in one take and off the top of my head so as to not lose the inspiration. This was before you could record Sgt Peppers on your laptop (or at least attempt to record it!)! Most tracks were taped over other songs. We have all heard stories of the Mona Lisa having other paintings underneath it, well this is no Mona Lisa, and the songs underneath it most likely are not our songs anyway! Case in point, I'm pretty sure if you listen close enough you can here some Dr. Dre at the end of one of the songs ( please don't sue us Dr Dre.... just chill...till the next episode)!

One might say "Why bother listening to the old crappy versions when I can hear the beautifully executed final versions"? Well, ...I don't know. What I do know is that I have always loved to see ( and hear) the various steps and stages of how people go about creating something, whether it be a painting, a song, or an extreme sand castle. I love to look through an artists' sketch book to get a glimpse of what they were thinking about, what they were aiming for, and the various turns (sometimes wrong turns!) in the road that they took in order to get to a final piece of work.

So, Check it out if you are bored, and see how the songs changed (for the better) once we started playing these songs as a group of close friends. Take care and thank you for your interest!



released July 11, 2012



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The Wee Turtles Athens, Georgia

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